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Jun 8, 2016

Fire Areas in Finland meet Sentinel

An enthusiastic crowd of Fire and Rescue and Paramedic personnell took seats yesterday at Seppälä Fire Station in Central Finland. Over half of Finlands 22 Rescue Areas were represented. Mr. Simo Tarvainen, Fire Director of Central Finland welcomed the audience and gave an excellent speech about the collaboration between the public officials and private companies.

Mr. Reijo Hirvi, the Chief Training officer, continued with his catching enthusiasm, by explaining the vast benefits of Vigiar Sentinel in both operative work and training. The pilot project has progressed smoothly and it was finally time to see the solution in operation. The project has brought out fantastic results, which could not have happened if the parties would have tried to achieve this separately, without the skills, substance and experience of the other party.


After this it was finally time to jump into action. They audience witnessed a live field practice from the visually striking panoramic view. A full 180 degree panoramic vision offered an overview to the situation, whereas body cameras carried in person left no detail unnoticed. The detailed views could be enlarged to the large screen for even better visibility.

The solution raised a lot of discussion about the technology, benefits and possibilities the live panoramic view can offer. Fortunately representative from Cinia with their multipath router, HIKVision with their state-of-the-art camera products and even Saurus who handles the installation to rescue vehicles could bring in their expertese to explain more than enough about the details to the knowledge-hungry crowd.

The day was a huge success. Reporters from several newspapers, as well as YLE (Finnish national broadcasting company) were present and interviewed both Vigiar and the Fire Department personnell. Vigiar web news will undoubtedly not be the only place where you will be able to read about the day.